Financial Planners


Gloria Mac Connell

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Gloria has been in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years.  She  enjoys the challenge of encouraging people to save for their Retirement and for their long term goals and dreams.

Relationships with her clients are of paramount importance and as their trusted advisor she usually gets involved in all aspects of her clients’ lives.

For Gloria, Personal Financial Planning is  about knowing that your financial future is in good hands so that you can enjoy the new challenges and opportunities that life and retirement bring. Her life revolves around her clients and (surprisingly) she enjoys the challenge of ensuring that her knowledge remains current in an ever changing environment.

She enjoys her family and friends, loves cooking, entertaining and of course, travelling too!


Sue White

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Sue has over 20 years of financial planning experience and offers financial planning and investment advice to clients throughout all stages of their financial journey. She follows a careful due diligence process in doing this to align the investments with her client’s risk profile and specific needs at the time – right from the first pay-check to the last and then on into retirement. Like the rest of the team at Personal Wealth Managers, she manages the investments in her care on an ongoing basis ensuring that they continue to be appropriate for the client’s needs and stage of life, recommending changes where appropriate. She prides herself in being approachable and committed to excellent service and individual attention.

Tax Practitioner


Louise Moss

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With more than 20 years experience, Louise Moss is the in-house tax practitioner and accountant for the clients of Personal Wealth Managers CC. She holds a “Business Accountant in Practice” qualification (BAP (SA) and offers the following services:-

– completion of tax returns and financial statements for Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Trusts, Close Corporations and small companies.

– bookkeeping & payroll for small businesses

– completion of SARS & CIPC statutory returns

– tax and accounting advice