In February 2000 Gregg and Gloria left the corporate world to  set up a financial planning practice that was not based on sales targets and numbers. Rather, they wanted to build a sustainable business based on solid long-term relationships and MacConnell Sneddon Personal Wealth Management cc was formed.

In 2014 they were joined by Sue White and Charl van der Spuy and they also moved to their current premises in Kenilworth. The business has recently had a name change to reflect the growth and is now known as Personal Wealth Managers. Now in its 16th year the business has become a well respected and much sought after financial planning business based on long-term relationships and ‘value for money’ principles. With a collective 80+ years experience in the industry they now look after more than R2 billion for their focused and loyal client base.

Mission Statement

Our Approach

We don’t sell products to earn a living or to justify spending time with clients. Rather, our focus is on personal financial planning and more especially, “managing people and their emotions around money”.

It has been said that one of the main reasons that the majority of consumers did not do any financial planning was the perception that they did not have sufficient money to justify a financial plan. Add this to the existing perception that financial planning is a really onerous and complex process and it is no wonder that many people are scared off.

Certainly there are many players with massive hidden agendas that would have us believe that financial planning is incredibly complex and that you need significant funds and complicated models to do it. However, Everyone should have a financial plan.